Episode #21 Edgy Music & Trendy Pants

February 8, 2019

Jerod's still gone so our marketing director Alena fills in! Learn about different types of pants, how to write music, and how many sports posters are too many? Corinne Bates guests!


Episode #20 Where’s Jerod?

January 22, 2019

Jerod left us hanging, so we got the best alternative. His brother. Aaron and Sam talk about business ventures, Kevin Spacey, and business ventures. Without Jerod things seem good on this episode of


Episode #19 Brinnin & Sam

January 5, 2019

Every now and then we like having a little bit of fun. This episode we have a lot of fun! Our main guest Brinnin attempts to explain art, Jerod is funny for once, and Sam is... there? Music by Cello Jelopy! 


Episode #18 Jennifer Banister

December 21, 2018

One of the most informed people we've had! Jennifer Banister brings surprise, fun, and our emotions out and on the table this episode of...


Episode #17 AJ Garces and Tram Trinh

December 12, 2018

Two of San Antonio's finest comics come up for this episode! Tonight Jerod gets his new name, finds his new lover, and proves his anime power. Also lots of orgy talk?


Episode #16 Chris Castles

December 5, 2018

We are here with the host of the 'Good Cock Bad Cock' podcast Chris Castles. What weird sex stuff will Aaron and Jerod unravel from this guy? Listen to find out!


Episode #15 Christian Wiggs

November 26, 2018

Taking a break from the smoke-filled rooms, dark lounges, and dusty bars is Christian Wiggs! Austin's most up and coming jazz vocalist voices his opinion on a range of topics! Also: an update on the legendary Hana Katana!


Episode #14 Ron Lechler

November 7, 2018

He came all the way from Michigan for fame and fortune! Ron Lechler teaches us what is like to be midwestern while we teach him what happened in the 2008 financial crisis! This is an episode you won't want to miss.


Episode#13 Creepy Special

November 4, 2018

Comedy Pending Halloween special, but reuploaded ooooohhh. Jerod and Aaron look for the creepiest and edgiest stories on the internet and read them without laughing or peeing our pants.


Episode #12 Symply Courtney

October 20, 2018

Symply Courtney joins us today! The amount of wholesomeness in this episode will make you want to have kids (or just his kids).